Oxer´s Journey

Thursday, August 18, 2022

Gay me Crazy´s timeline

This is the Gay me Crazy´s timeline. So you can understand how this big story goes.

Oxer is the main character in this series. I began this cómic with the Gay me Crazy concept. Oxer, Galiano and Gato were the first characters I created.

Since this is a project that has been in a incubator for a while, there has been some changes. Gay me Crazy is the part were the five friends, Oxer, Galiano, Gato, Fruttini and Jayzee have a lot of fun working for Gay me Crazy Networks (a tv producer company for the LGBTQ community).

But since I decided Oxer to be an alien human from planet Alivari, I had to made up his background. So I actually wrote a novel, for now only available in Spanish, were Oxer´s story is told. As of 2022 I am drawing the cómic, but it is not an easy task for me.

In order to star giving life to the Earth characters I just produce some everyday adventures in "The Happy Days" series.

So far these are the three parts of Gay me Crazy The Comic:

1. Oxer´s Journey. Oxer decides to travel to planet Earth after he got his heart broken for the first time. There are some action and adventures in this part and also a bigger plot that involves other characters and alien situations.

2. Gay me Crazy 101. There are the days right after Oxer arrived to Earth. He does not remember his origins and start a new life with new best friends. I want to point out that there are also some gals in Oxer´s life... and in Oxer´s Journey too.

3. The Happy Days. Everyday gay situations working at Gay me Crazy. The story is more about the Earth characters and focused on their relationships. Fun, friendship and romance is a priority in this part.

Well, my nickname is Chuckov, I want to thank you for your interest in this project.